Best Financial Communications

Sponsored by Beever and Struthers

This award will go to the finance team that communicates financial issues to the rest of the organisation and external stakeholders most clearly, creatively, effectively and to the highest quality.

Judges will be particularly interested in:

  • entries that display novel ways of communicating detailed or complex financial information across the whole organisation, as well as to boards, the regulator, lenders, investors and other stakeholders, in such a way that is universally and easily understood. For example:
  • the creative use of charts, diagrams or illustrations in reports, in presentations and on the website
  • using social media or video technology to improve engagement with financial issues
  • producing comprehensive and succinct VfM statements in the narrative reporting section of audited financial statements
  • finance teams that are routinely proactive in communicating quality financial information to play a role in business decision making
  • the existence of procedures that measure and report on the efficiency and relative effectiveness of different communication channels
  • evidence of the use of real-time reporting and direct systems access for managers
  • board reports that clearly and imaginatively set out information on the organisation’s operations, financial position, business strategy and future prospects for the consumption of its lenders, investors and other users of its accounts.